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Various people have asked me to setup a site where they can download the latest Thrustmaster loaders, so here it is.

    1.) Updated loaders and TMScope

These are the files that are required to download, compile etc. your files. Click on the appropriate image for the software. Note that these are the loader files only.

F22 Prof22ld209.exe F16 FLCSf16ld518.exe F16 TQStqsld518.exe Mk II WCSmk2ld813.exe TMScopetmscope.exe

The loader versions these files contain are:

  • F22 PRO F22load.exe version 2.09. This loader is required for full logical programming functionality if you have the appropriate chip in your F22 PRO.
  • F16 FLCS B50load.exe version 5.18.
  • F16 TQS B50load.exe version 5.18.
  • WCS Mark II Mk2load.exe version 8.13.
  • TMScope version 1.12.

2.) Pentium Pro and Pentium II loaders

There are known problems for some people with these processors and the loaders that came with their hardware. Thrustmaster are currently researching the problem with the F-22, FLCS, TQS, and WCS Mark II software and Pentium Pro and Pentium II computers. They have some software that is under development that may work better than the version that shipped with your controllers.

Click on the appropriate image for the software.

F22 Prof22rt200.exe F16 FLCSflcsrt200.exe F16FLCS and TQStqsrt200.exe Mk II WCSmk2rt200.exe TMScopetms_v112.exe

If you need the updated complete C&CC software, you can download them from these links:

Please take note of this information from Thrustmaster regarding this software:

"Once you have downloaded the software, open/double-click the file which will copy the updated files into the directory that was originally installed onto the C: drive. If you chose to install the software to a different drive than C: you will need to move it to the C: drive, for this update to work properly. After you have had a chance to look at the newer software, please correspond to: P2RT200@thrustmaster.com with any questions or problems, or just to say that it works."

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