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All files are freeware

As from Christmas Day, 2004, all my software is available as freeware for you to download and use at your leisure. Merry Christmas!

On this site you'll find the latest versions of:

All files are in zip format, and I recommend using WinZip to extract their contents. All files except Foxy HOTAS Cougar Special Edition are unsupported and you use at your own risk. All of these applications are developed by myself and hosted at my cost. If you would like to contribute to these costs, I would gladly accept any donation via PayPal - thankyou ;)

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Description and Foxyv4FSSP.exe
Cougar World's updates page
Foxy (HOTAS Cougar Special Edition) and its Flight Sim Support Pack
This software is available from Cougar World, supporting the Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar.
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Digital Foxy version 4.5a - supporting only those Thrustmaster controllers that have been modified with Bob Church's digital chipset
This zip contains the full installation of Digital Foxy version 4.5 plus an updated 4.5a executable. This version supports both the Win98/ME and Win2k/XP Digital SWF22 drivers from Bob Church, fixing the downloading, compiling and other issues which version 4.2 suffers from with the Win2k/XP drivers. However please read the ReadMe.txt file in the zip. You must uninstall any previous version, move the remaining directory contents elsewhere (as a backup) and then install this version into a fresh empty folder.
Please set up your preferences correctly when you first run this version to inform me which version of the digital drivers you're running.
Note as well that at the present time, Foxy's Digital calibration must not be used with the Win2k/XP drivers. There is no fix for this. Use Bob's calibration routine only.
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Fox Two Professional version 2.5 - supporting certain Thrustmaster controllers with their original chipsets
This zip contains the full installation of Fox Two Professional version 2.5. This software supersedes the original Fox Two Freeware.
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Fox Three - supporting the Quickshot MasterPilot
This zip contains the full installation of Fox Three version 1.00 beta. This software helps develop your .gam files and can print them out, but you will still need to use the Quickshot software to download your files to your cartridges. Please see the Fox Three page for more information.
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Foxy RS - supporting the RealSimulator ICP and MFDs
Please see this thread: Foxy RS: Announcing new software for beta testing for more information.

This page was last updated on: Christmas Day, 2004 - Merry Christmas!
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